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East End Market

Have a secret recipe or food business you want to bring to market? The team at East End Market and a cadre of local food professionals want to help you make your food business dream a reality!

The first half of the workshop focuses on all the the rules behind food regulations, liability, insurance, permitting and food prep.
Other topics covered in the AM session:

•Getting your concept out of your head and onto paper
•Exploring what business structure to chose
•A look at trends and gaps in local food scenes
•How to get you product on store shelves
•Getting the green light to sell at area markets
•Day in the life of a foodpreneur
•Working with Dept. of Health and Florida Dept. of Ag
•Tips for successfully working in commissary kitchens
•Start-up costs and other fiscal considerations

During the lunch break besides enjoying Chef Jes’ food there will be opportunities to network and do some question asking of the expert panelists and presenters before the afternoon session kicks off.

The second half of the day will teach you how to tell your story, brand your business , build the buzz, and leverage social media platforms to build a loyal and engaged customer base.
Other topics covered in the PM session:

•Branding Essentials for Food Start-Ups
•The in’s and out’s of your business website
•How Storytelling leads to Sales
•What to outsource or Do-it-yourself
•Building and selling with your e-mail list
•Creating logos and graphics
•Marketing, PR and getting the word out
•Visual Merchandizing and packaging
•Deep dive into Social Media Strategy
•Food Photography - make your photos pop

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Ron Stocknopf Ben-Zeev
Ron Stocknopf Ben-Zeev
09/14/2017 at 20:14. Facebook

Please bring us more water or we can come and pick it up (Winter Park/Maitland Area) - World Housing Solution is delivering soon.

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World Housing Solution

Frank Wright
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Jesse Wolfe
Jesse Wolfe
09/14/2017 at 02:00. Facebook
Mikes Weather Page updating. No reason to even think about worry yet. But keep an eye out on these. Freaking storms this year....
[Photo] Mikes Weather Page updating No reason to even think about worry yet

Mike's Weather Page

Jonathan Wachob
Jonathan Wachob
Huge shout out to Mike Mike's Weather Page for the amazing updates on Hurricane Irma. He is a calm collective voice of reason and not some crazed meteorologist trying to get more viewers. Thank you so much Mike, any weather like this and I'm all over your page.

Mike's Weather Page

Jesse Wolfe I love you...miss you. Know your also in my prayers
[Link] Jesse Wolfe I love you miss you Know your also in my prayers

Star bright angels

Patti Cameron Hensley
Nicole Rae Brady
This is amazing! I will now only fly JetBlue when I have the Choice. What an amazing company trying to help evacuate instead of profit. Thank you!
[Link] This is amazing I will now only fly JetBlue when I have

JetBlue caps direct flight ticket prices out of Florida at $99 ahead of Hurricane Irma

Jarrett Hart
Henri Nigro
Welp. This is my week lol
[Link] Welp  This is my week lol


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Jesse Wolfe posted on 09/04/2017
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Conservative Today

This is the best news I've seen in months!
[Link] This is the best news I've seen in months

Country Living Magazine

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Jesse Wolfe Chadwick Wolfe
[Link] Jesse Wolfe Chadwick Wolfe


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