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¡La Premier League regresa a NBC UNIVERSO HOY en la mañana! ⚽ #PremierLeague
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#LigaPremierTD ¡Más líder que nunca! Con un gran segundo tiempo y goles de Diego Costa, Willian y Eden Hazard, Chelsea Football Club venció 3-1 de visitante a Manchester City .
National Mill Dog Rescue
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Stuart is a curious Maltese who should be called Magellan, because he loves to explore! Still shy and nervous around humans, he is learning to trust, but he needs a patient person who will let him progress at his own rate. Stuart gets along great with dogs of all sizes, and would do well in a home with another friendly canine. He is an active little guy who loves to play outside, so he needs a...
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National Mill Dog Rescue
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You would have so much fun being stranded on an island with our Gilligan! A sweet Chihuahua/Terrier mix, he is a curious, playful, and fun-loving little guy! If you're not on an island, he'll need a fenced yard to keep him safe while he explores, and to make it easy for him to learn where to go potty. Once he learns to walk on a leash, this active pup will make a great running and hiking...
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National Mill Dog Rescue
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Every FREE daily click earns our rescue dogs 2 cents at: [ Tinyurl.com Link ]

Doesn't sound like much, right? Well, it sure adds up and you can click daily from each device! Go ahead, give it a try - just CLICK the link, then scroll down to the "Click Here to Donate".
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Thanks to MUTTS - Patrick McDonnell for this great cartoon!
The Love Foundation
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As spiritual beings having a human experience, we are all connected in the web of life.-Harold W. Becker
Keeping messages brief and simple is more effective when trying to encourage patients to complete a health care program, according to new research. In a study that analyzes six years […] ...

Brief ‘Nudge’ Can Help Patients Finish Health Program

This Emotional Life
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"It is alarming that [bipolar disorder seen as weak] is the first suggestion by Google. It helps immediately spread misinformation about the disorder and alienates those who have it. Bipolar disorder is not a weakness."

What You Find When You Search For ‘Bipolar’

This Emotional Life
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With New Year’s approaching and all of us thinking about setting goals and achieving results in different areas of our lives I thought it was a good time to share […] ...

The New You-An Exercise in Transforming Your Life

ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy) is a therapeutic treatment intervention that is based on behavioral therapy more specifically Relational Frame Theory (RFT). One of the essential components of ACT is to encourage values-guided action. ACT is also about taking mindful action. When thinking…

ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy)…A Summary

Today I love Friday’s frenzy. I love the hustle and bustle that Friday nearly always is. I love when it starts out crazy busy and then ramps up to busier. […]

Today I Love Friday’s Frenzy

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Raise your hand if you’re excited for #ScienceSaturday! Share what your favorite STEM activities have been. #4HGrown (Douglas S.)
Heavy rainfall expected over the south central U.S over the next couple of days. Rainfall amounts of 4 to 8 inches possible from eastern Texas to Louisiana.

WPC Excessive Rainfall Outlook showing a moderate risk area.
FOX 2 Detroit
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It appears as if Metro Detroit can not escape winter any longer. Snow with some possible accumulation is expected this weekend. Be prepared with guidelines and helpful tips from the Michigan State Police.

Winter weather expected this weekend, be prepared

FOX 2 Detroit
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It has been a story that has gone viral.
A Georgia boy with Down Syndrome landed his first modeling campaign and the photos are already out!

Georgia boy with Down Syndrome makes modeling debut

FOX 2 Detroit
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One young girl is making a difference to help others and she is showing how we can, too.

Ypsilanti teen collecting supplies for Gatlinburg fire victims

FOX 2 Detroit
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Washington police find 'very angry' dog wearing sweater and pants/

Washington police find 'very angry' dog wearing sweater and pants

A look back at the iconic images of Life magazine, presented by Getty Images.

30 Powerful Pictures That Defined American History