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Wtf is wrong wit this nigga @djnorie
Dawg stay reppin fi konz tho @power1051 . #dontworrykonshens #konshens #newgovahment #dancehall #sub #strongmekmidonproud @dreskull @mixpak videoshoot for this track this week. Look out.
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Soca or wah sah?? Music nice yuh fukkkk @djstephenmusic @iamwildfire @sedale_dts @rebelmuzik @moonsubk @1deadlysmooch @socarebel @backyardpromotions
Mr. Vegas
12/03/2016 at 20:41. Facebook
MV Corner Dec 3rd 2016
"An Open Letter From Tanya Stephens"
When its almost 1AM and you can't decide on the songs to include on the setlist for #CherineXperience2 #albumsongsornah.....wait til you hear this stuff! #humbled and #confident
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NO SHAKY LINK @billboardselector How You maean Represent fi MoneyBossRiddim Represent fi MBR You have to Bless Youth Wha u Seh @realioctane World BoomNo Shaky Link....Song
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Don't lame it up hun. Perform β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’
big tune @iamjusd
Cedella Marley
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Cedella Marley
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Mr. Vegas
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Sunday Night Live, Dec 4th 2016th
"Let God do his work"
Mr. Vegas
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I don't know bout anybody, but me LOVE God! Big Colombia!
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#BIM! Yaadcore and I will be at Dubwise ATLANTA tonight!

You can see all my upcoming shows here Protoje.com/tour
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Happy fi si @seanizzlemusic post again.
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Thanks for all the wonderful prayers and words of encouragement God is still in control !!
Mr. Vegas
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GOSPEL CORNER, Sunday, Dec 4th, 2016
"Remove the Curse"
Diva Nikki Z
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I miss you my G... #RealKnowReal few people like this left in the world... she was one of the most beautiful souls I've encountered in this business and today she left us in body but she will ALWAYS be here in spirit. Rest In Heaven baby girl @jcapri_hcr #Dec17th we get together and honor your memory #JCapri #JCapriFoundation
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Even the kids know to honour the queen. 'Mama alone' #immaculatebbq #ioctanelive
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Good music can never expire. 'Lose a friend' is one of those tunes that never gets old. #immaculatebbq #ioctanelive
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Bob Marley
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Stephen Marley is LIVE on stage right now at the Bob Marley Museum's #SmileJamaica2016 40th anniversary concert!
Diva Nikki Z
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#RoadToRecovery @seanizzlemusic ❀ #Repost
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