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OMEGA Watches
3 hours 53 minutes ago. Facebook
#DubaiLadiesMasters / #OMEGAAquaTerraLadies
A special prize awaits the winner of this year’s OMEGA Dubai Ladies Masters (OMEGA Golf Dubai). omegawatches.com/Aqua-Terra-Ladies
8 minutes ago. Facebook
Un estudio reveló que Neymar es el jugador más valioso del mundo: 250 millones de euros. #FutbolEnDIRECTV
4 hours 8 minutes ago. Facebook
Mourinho ha firmado el peor comienzo del Manchester United desde hace 26 años y ya está a 13 puntos del líder.

¿Cuánto más le durará el crédito? #FutbolEnDIRECTV
today at 08:00. Facebook
⚽ ¡Fecha confirmada! El ganador del Balón de Oro se dará a conocer el próximo lunes 12 de diciembre.

¿Quién será? #FutbolEnDIRECTV
2 hours 7 minutes ago. Facebook
Look at these skins! Look at all these shiny skins you can loot from the cases! Grab some here: [ Bit.ly Link ]

#CSGO #CounterStrike #skins #paintyourweapon
4 hours 7 minutes ago. Facebook
Time to choose the best individual from the last Overwatch class - support. Who out of these five do you recommend the most? :)

#Overwatch #support
today at 07:30. Facebook
➡ At DX you find the best phones and still very cost-effective!
Discover the Bluboo Smartphone >> [ Dxurl.com Link ]

With 1.5 GHz Quad-core processor, 5.5-inch FHD screen, 2GB RAM and 16GB ROM, biometric reader on the back, cell phone, 13MP and 8MP cameras and Android 6.0 (Marshmallow).

#DX #Bluboo #Cold #Amazing
2 hours 37 minutes ago. Facebook
Yep. ⚽
Bersiaplah untuk terpesona oleh keindahan Mumbai bersama penerbangan kami mulai 12 Desember 2016 dan nikmati keuntungan bonus miles hingga 100% dan Redemption Promo eksklusif bagi anggota GarudaMiles.

Detail selengkapnya dapat dilihat di [ Bit.ly Link ]
Garuda Indonesia
2 hours 8 minutes ago. Facebook
You can find many traditional things around Qintai Road district. This road is also a good place to take photos at night.

What kind of things do you want to buy in Chengdu?

#GANewRoute #iGoToChengdu
1 hours 7 minutes ago. Facebook
The classic country house style is given a New England twist with vintage red decorations and candy canes...
2 hours 9 minutes ago. Facebook
Sweet dreams are made of this... Total house envy! <3
3 hours 7 minutes ago. Facebook
Go for a classy French theme to your Christmas decorations, with gold and white as the key colours...
today at 09:00. Facebook
Enchanting Christmas decorations makes this soothing children's room festive for the holiday season...
today at 08:01. Facebook
Displaying gifts on a bench in the hallway creates a welcoming feel, enhanced here by a festive garland woven with fairy lights and silver ribbon bows on the staircase...
today at 08:01. Facebook
Add easy impact in a hallway with a row of identical wreaths propped on a shelf, rail or mantel, and statement decorations, such as giant paper bells casually arranged to fill an empty corner...
today at 08:05. Facebook

Tell us your wish and we might just grant it with a #Prada bag!

For a chance to win, simply copy and complete this line in the comment section below by 10pm today:

"Dear #ReebonzClaus, I wish to win today's gift because ________"

Today's winner will be announced tomorrow. Good luck!
Hardee's Arabia
today at 08:26. Facebook
اذا ما جربت السانتا فاي حتى الآن، ماذا تنتظر؟

The Santa Fey, if you don’t get it by know then you just ain’t getting it #EdgeOfHardees
4 hours 4 minutes ago. Facebook
We have a selection of very merry sweatshirts, sweaters and t-shirts. Find the perfect one and get into the joyful Christmas spirit!

[ Bit.ly Link ]
3 hours 8 minutes ago. Facebook
Our first #Boeing707, taking off into the jet age! #TBT #PretendToBeATimeTraveler