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China Daily
4 hours 34 minutes ago. Facebook
By these books we are bound

"We made many friends because of this common interest. We communicate both online and offline, transcending the limit of space or the connection of blood." said a fun of #HarryPotter.
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China Daily
today at 09:01. Facebook
Soldiers bathe in snow in minus 20 in Northeast China

They are frontier scouts in the border city. Army in Northeast China has a tradition of #SnowBath to enhance resistance against cold and build a strong body. [ Bit.ly Link ]
China Daily
today at 07:01. Facebook
3D printing - the technology reshaping our future
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China Daily
today at 05:01. Facebook
Dressing 'up' for college

High school graduates planning to major in #performance art train for audition as they prepare to start #college life in Weifang city, #Shandong province. [ Bit.ly Link ]
China Daily
today at 03:01. Facebook
Young men in Shandong build homemade tank

Xing, and his two friends Li Yang, and Li Zhikang spend 10 months to build the military #tank. The impressive Type 99 tank was made to a 1:1 ratio, and looks exactly the same as the real ones. [ Bit.ly Link ]
China Daily
today at 00:54. Facebook
Amsterdam Light Festival illuminates night sky

See the #artworks of the Amsterdam Light Festival, in #Netherlands. The festival opens on Dec 1, 2016, and ends on Jan 22, 2017. [ Bit.ly Link ]
China Daily
yesterday at 13:30. Facebook
The 17-year-old Tibet Museum in Lhasa was temporarily closed on Thursday for renovation. The new museum, to be reopened in three to five years, will feature more traditional Tibetan art in its architecture. Let's check out some of the collections of the museum. [ Bit.ly Link ]
China Daily
yesterday at 13:00. Facebook
Rising silently before dawn to slip on his monastic robes and begin the solemn duties of a #Buddhist #monk, Kazuki Yazawa is not your average #Olympic athlete.

Bowing his shaved head in prayer five times a day as part at the ancient Zenkoji Daikanjin Temple, Yazawa is so committed to his faith very few people would recognise him as Japan's top #canoeist.
China Daily
yesterday at 12:55. Facebook
#Afghan #female #volleyballers made a rare call for #equality at a Kabul tournament, using national attention at the event to throw a spotlight on gender policies in the deeply conservative, war-torn #Muslim country.

The United Nations hosted the tournament as part of a campaign against #gender violence in #Afghanistan.

Afghanistan remains one of the worst places in the world to be a #woman,...
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China Daily
yesterday at 09:32. Facebook
Snow turns Shenyang Imperial Palace Museum into fairytale land

On November 30, Shenyang Imperial Palace Museum turned into a fairytale land with the second #snowfall of the season. The 400-year-old museum was the first capital designed and constructed by Manchu of the Qing Dynasty. #winter [ Bit.ly Link ]
China Daily
yesterday at 08:55. Facebook
China has imposed an extra 10 percent tax on ultra high-end cars costing over 1.3RMB (US$188k) including Lamborghinis and Ferraris.

The new tax will "guide rational consumption" and promote energy-efficient vehicles, according to the finance ministry.

China already has a 25% tax on imported foreign vehicles.

Taxes have yet to dim interest in ultra high-end brands such as #Ferrari, with Q2...
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China Daily
yesterday at 08:01. Facebook
Top 10 happiest cities in China

Chengdu and Hangzhou are among the happiest cities in China, according to a survey co-conducted by Oriental Outlook magazine under Xinhua News Agency and Blue Book of Cities in China compiled by China Association of Mayors. [ Bit.ly Link ]
China Daily
yesterday at 06:46. Facebook
Fu Ying: Infrastructure can be China-US bridge

Fu Ying,who formerly served as China's ambassador to Australia and the United Kingdom, sees infrastructure as a great opportunity for US-China cooperation under America's president-elect.[ Bit.ly Link ]
China Daily
yesterday at 06:32. Facebook
Shanghai: A captivating Chinese megacity that never sleeps where old world charm meets modernity. #Shanghai
China Daily
yesterday at 05:31. Facebook
Training for upcoming Spring Festival travel rush

Attendants from Xianmen #Airlines and Nanchang #Railroad Bureau attended a training session for the upcoming Spring Festival travel rush.
China Daily
yesterday at 04:23. Facebook
The year's 10 most tagged foods on social media

Step aside, brightly frosted cronut, juice diet and kale craze! Social media users have crowned their new "it" #food of 2016.Have you try them yet? Which one is your favorite? [ Bit.ly Link ]
China Daily
yesterday at 02:22. Facebook
Ten photos from around China: Nov 25-Dec 1
We present some of the most striking images from major stories around the China in the past week. [ Bit.ly Link ]
China Daily
12/01/2016 at 12:30. Facebook
Shanghai-based mobile phone maker #Tecno will sponsor the #PremierLeague's Manchester City in a three-year deal in a bid to reach soccer fans in emerging markets. [ Bit.ly Link ]
China Daily
12/01/2016 at 12:00. Facebook
Around 30,000 #protesters took part in a rally Wednesday to demand the resignation of South #Korea's #President #Park Geun-Hye, after lawmakers announced that an impeachment vote will be postponed by at least a week.

Park said Tuesday she would let parliament decide her fate following accusations that she colluded with secretive confidante Choi Soon-Sil to coerce firms to donate tens of...
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China Daily
12/01/2016 at 11:03. Facebook
Exquisite night views of 'Mountain City'

Evening scenes in #Chongqing are splendid and beautiful. The city's unique geography has made it famous in China and overseas. #nightview [ Bit.ly Link ]