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Ben Pakulski IFBB Pro
1 hours 47 minutes ago. Facebook
Many of you who follow my training advice have heard it before. Muscles communicate in terms of TENSION! Muscles have NO idea how much weight you’re lifting. They only recognize how much TORQUE is going through them. If you can make a broom handle feel like a 200lb bar with tension, you are on the right track! ;) And no, the idea isn't to use "light weight". Always use an appropriately heavy...
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Ben Pakulski IFBB Pro
2 hours 23 minutes ago. Facebook
It's back ladies and gents! The 6 Forgotten Factors of Hypertrophy (TODAY ONLY) [ Hypertrophymax.com Link ] - free PDF. P.S. When you opt in, you’ll also be automatically added to the Hypertrophy MAX “VIP Pre Sale” list so that you can learn more about the program before registration opens and qualify for some exclusive bonuses.
The Funk Hunters
1 hours 31 minutes ago. Facebook
Winter is here which can only mean one thing... Funk the Halls kicks off tomorrow!!! Our last two shows in Seattle and Bellingham were completely sold out so don't get left in the cold for the funkiest Christmas party on the planet! ☃ #FunkTheHalls

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1 hours 38 minutes ago. Facebook
Congrats to my bro Anderson .Paak on his Grammy nominations!!!!
Steven Olsen
today at 16:07. Facebook
Waking up to a Grammy nomination for "Song Of The Year". I cried happy tears to my mom on the phone, I paced around my living room pinching myself. I Literally woke up with a childhood dream at my doorstep. I can't say it enough. Thank you thank you thank you thank you!!! A Huge congrats to all the nominees!!
Nathan Barato
4 hours 23 minutes ago. Facebook
! ! T O R O N T O ! !

Roaches for the holidays -- me and Carlo Lio (aka CL Smooth the Lion) b2b all night at CODA !
Inspiration to share! #colettebaronreid
Danielle LaPorte
4 hours 54 minutes ago. Facebook
My friend D and her husband B stopped by my studio. B has cancer. It was the first time I’d seen him since he started chemotherapy. Our hug that day wasn’t just a greeting, it was a communion.

We all cried. And then we just sat on the floor, easy and immediate. We talked about the decisions to be made. More tears. And as always, laughs. B is wickedly funny. And ridiculously tall and handsome....
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Power. Full. Let your heart lead today, it usually goes better that way. ..... by The Kid. Mala by @thespicemistress
Sabrina Goodman
today at 10:15. Facebook
Holly Wolf
today at 15:48. Facebook
In love with these photos by Destiny's Curse Photography of my Mercy Bikini Cosplay!! Thank you to Scifeyecandy for the bikini!!

Watch the Behind The Scenes of This shoot!!!

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Holly Wolf
today at 12:52. Facebook
The jet lag is slowly disappearing ❤ time to get back at it in my home city of Toronto!

Thank you again to Playboy Philippines for the most amazing fitness shoot, I'm so inspired to work out more
Robin Sharma
today at 13:31. Facebook
Bravery is the antidote to regret. Go be world-class in your own way today.

Robin Sharma
today at 10:04. Facebook
@DrJamesRouse rocks the house in Zurich.

#TheTitanSummit #WarriorPose
today at 15:45. Facebook
À la vôtre mes amis✌ ... bien arrivée à l'île de la Réunion #fruitcocktail #welcome #27degrés #vitamineD #baindesoleil #décalagehoraire #lemondeàlenvers bisous
Shania Twain
today at 14:30. Facebook
Dinner with some fabulous friends ❤
Bryan Adams
today at 11:04. Facebook
Current mood #bryanadamsgetup
Bryan Adams
today at 09:16. Facebook
Get Up bowl by Fizzle @sophiagrimaldi_art #bryanadamsgetup
Tommy Chong
today at 15:30. Facebook
Tommy Chong
today at 14:30. Facebook