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2 hours 42 minutes ago. Facebook
Dishing on the latest goss w/ ET Canada. There's no one more rock 'n' than Beyoncé in 2016.
Inspiration to share! #colettebaronreid
Dr.Jack Newman
today at 11:10. Facebook
So once again, the holidays are upon us. The questions on alcohol and breastfeeding to our website have increased hugely. And so I post once again on alcohol and breastfeeding and brave the wrath of those who don't agree with me.

Would I be worried about the mother in this photo breastfeeding her baby if she had had a glass of wine over an hour ago? No (read on). Would I be worried...
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4 hours 38 minutes ago. Facebook
Beach day in dubai w this dog from canada.. #teamcanada
Hello à tous. Surtout soyez prudent quelqu'un utilise mon nom et mon image mais même si Noel approche je n'offre pas d'iPhone. Ce n'est pas moi!
Merci à ceux qui l'on signalé
Flora Martinez
4 hours 20 minutes ago. Facebook
Ayer tuvimos previo a la función de #FridaLibre un súper quinteto de Jazz con Pavel Zuzaeta (trompeta), Ramón Berrocal (batería), Juan Felipe Cárdenas (saxofón), Julián Gómez (contrabajo) y José Reinoso (piano).
Que felicidad!
Sabrina Goodman
3 hours 54 minutes ago. Facebook
Sabrina Goodman
today at 08:48. Facebook
Holly Wolf
today at 11:17. Facebook
Good morning babes!! Today I am off to Guadalajara for Con Comics!! So excited to see some of my Mexican fans

And yes... I'll be bringing Cammy ❤
@Mark Yaamon
Robin Sharma
4 hours 15 minutes ago. Facebook
To lead is to serve. THE PERSON WHO HELPS THE MOST PEOPLE WINS. #leadership
Robin Sharma
today at 11:45. Facebook
The beauty of Zurich. Science confirms that the happiest people on the planet install the ritual of "savoring". Slowing down for some time daily to notice the blessings of the day. Makes such a difference along your journey to world class. Produce at epic levels. And then cycle into recovery.
Robin Sharma
today at 11:00. Facebook
You can work really hard to be liked by the crowd. Or you can work seriously hard to be an inspirational original. But sorry, you just can't be both.
Robin Sharma
today at 09:12. Facebook
The humblest is the greatest. To display humility isn't weak. It's strong and sure and brave.
today at 12:11. Facebook
Salut les amis j'espère que vous allez je vous fait un coucou de L'île de la Réunion...des bisous #TantDeChoses ❤
Tommy Chong
4 hours 38 minutes ago. Facebook
Tommy Chong
today at 12:19. Facebook
Tommy Chong
today at 09:30. Facebook
Tommy Chong
today at 09:00. Facebook