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Happy B Day!
Happy belated birthday brother, I hope you're doing well and I wish for the best for you in the year ahead
Deep Patel
This was last year. What an awesome truck!
[Link] This was last year What an awesome truck


Deep Patel
Bobby Manzarpour
| Patel Bros. Automotive Photography
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04/27/2016. Facebook
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Thank you so much Deep!
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We had a great time doing this shoot of Steve Bloom's 1955 Ford F100 for On The Ground Designs and learning about such an amazing build. Check out the article for pics and build specs!
[Link] We had a great time doing this shoot of Steve Bloom's 1955

eBay Nightmare Turned Ridler Contender - On The Ground Designs

Bobby Manzarpour
Bobby Manzarpour
Been to ferrari at maranelo factory and enjoyed ride too. I have friend working for ferrari in Italy. . It's amazing . No questions